Felt Wearable Art and Feathers for Sacred Moments

Originally from Italy, Silvia is a fiber artist who creates unique fantasy looking garments using the nuno felting technique.

After travelling the world for  a number of years, she finally landed in the UK where she created a permanent base in Glastonbury.

During her trips to India she has discovered the beauty of the Indian organza silk and now she mix this opalescent fabric with the wool  and  creating unique wearable art .

Since she has landed in Glastonbury her work has taken a whole new mission, and most of her clients are now priestesses of Avalon , healers and shamanic light workers. She also specialized in creating bespoke garments for ceremonial wear. Glastonbury and its magical atmosphere is inspiring all her creations.

Silvia is also a trained milliner and she is using her skills to create unique  fantasy headgear with feathers, flowers and tribal elements.

For the ones who need to have a feel of her creations you can find them for sale at the Goddess Temple Gifts shop in Glastonbury and on Etsy.
If you would like to have a browse on her online shop click here